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Pros of having a slate flooring

slate flooring is used by most people due to their durability. When you have a slate tile flooring installed in your home you will use for a very long time due to their ability to with stand the weather conditions t and also the weight of all the users of the floor. There are minimal maintenance works on the slate floors plus the cleaning doesnt need any special training. Slate Flooring Guys encourages the use of slate floors due to the beauty and value they add to your home.



slate flooring have different characteristics which make them unique. Slate Flooring Guys has different grades of the slate floorings and each has its own price. The best grade is the most expensive while the cheaper slate floors are usually of the lower grades. The grades are classified in the mining process. The best grades are mined from deep down in the underground while the other slates are found on the ground surface, they are exposed to the different weather and environmental conditions making them less effective and of poor quality.



At Slate Flooring Guys we are committed to the provision of the best quality for all the slate floors and slate tile flooring that we offer to all our customers. We ensure that the slate floors we do at our customers places are stain resistant and also are not slippery to extents of people falling when walking on them. Slate of the best quality are also resistant to fire and do not allow water to go through them.

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Slate floorings are heavy and very stable when installed. There are very effective especially if you have a very busy and high traffic household. With their heavy nature you are assured that they cannot break even the children in the house and even adults have things falling over and over again onto the slate floor.

At Slate Flooring Guys we do offer different styles of slate floorings. The price of the slate floorings will mostly depend on the pattern on the slate and also the grade and quality of the slate flooring. The installation process is also considered when determine the price and cost involved in any slate floor. Hiring an installing experts is always cheaper in the long run since you are assured that everything will be well done. Slate Flooring Guys has very talented and passionate experts in installation of slate floors at very friendly rates. We also encourage the customers to do window shopping before settling for the slate floor so that they choose quality, competitive pricing and also use of the best installation techniques and experts.

The only drawback that is associated with slate flooring is their inability to maintain warmth levels especially the cold seasons. slate flooring do not have insulating properties thus losing a lot of heat to the environment during the cold seasons.Slate Flooring Guys has solution to such problems by ensuring we are able to add an insulating layer to the slate during the cold season. The insulating layer is usually done below the slate floor. Other would think of having a warm material like a carpet done on top of the slate floor when the cold seasons comes.

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